Instructions on how to play poker for new players

The poker game is a popular online game on online betting platforms. This is a game chosen by experts because of its appeal and ease of play. Let’s learn how to play poker for beginners with JILIMACAO.

Origin of poker

Origin of poker

Poker is a betting game genre with a long history. There is a lot of controversy about the origin of this game. Many countries say poker originated in their country. In China, they believe that this game appeared in their country in 900 AD. In England, it is said that poker originated from a game called Bragg.

Ignore the controversy about the origin of poker. We can see that this game has been around for a long time and is popular in many countries.

Poker has long been considered a game for the entertainment elite. Through many stages of development until today. It has become more popular and widely available to the public. Becoming a top game requires the application of the player’s intelligence and bravery.

How to play poker for new players

How to play poker for new players

In each different version, there will be different ways to play poker. But overall it still has similarities.

  1. First, the player will be dealt 2 cards from the dealer (Dealer).
  2. Players start looking at the cards. They make bets based on the cards they have or based on their capital.
  3. The dealer will then distribute 3 community cards to the players (community cards). Players can use these 3 cards in combination with their 2 cards to create the best card combination.
  4. In the next betting round, players begin additional bets starting with the player to the left of the dealer.
  5. The dealer will continue to play a fourth community card to the player. Players start looking at the cards.
  6. Players continue to bet based on their card ability.
  7. The dealer will distribute the last card to the player. Players bet based on the last card they have.
  8. Finally, turn the cards over to determine the winner.

Actions when playing poker

Actions when playing poker

Fold: This is called folding. When the cards you are dealt are bad, you have the right to fold and no longer follow.

Call/Check: in a betting round, if no one has bet yet, you can choose Check to continue betting but do not want to increase the bet. If someone has already placed a bet, you should choose Call.

Bet/Raise: the first bet is called Bet. If you want to increase your bet, raise it.

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Poker betting rounds

Poker betting rounds

The first round is called Freflop. When starting to examine the cards, the player will either call the bet or fold.

The second round is called the Flop. The dealer deals 3 community cards face up. Players can choose Check to pass the turn to the next person if no one has bet yet.

Round 3 is called Turn. The dealer deals with the fourth card.

Round 4 is called River. The dealer deals the 5th card to the player. This is the last card of the game.

Round 5 is called showdown. Players who still bet until round 5 turn over their cards.


Our basic sharing on how to play poker will help new players understand this interesting card game genre. Wishing players will have moments of fun poker experience.

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