How to Play Solitaire: Rules, Tips, and Variations

We welcome all Solitaire enthusiasts to JILIMACAO. Now it’s your turn to know how to play Solitaire and become a seasoned player.

If you are a new player, this detailed guide will explain the specific Solitaire rules, and how to play Solitaire easily. After reading it, you will never feel confused when playing Solitaire.

Before we begin, we want to clarify the meaning of the word ‘Solitaire’ in this guide. There are many variations of Solitaire, such as relaxing Spider Solitaire, Canfield, Forty Thieves, and Pyramid, each with different rules. Therefore, it is impossible to explain them all in one guide. Thus, we will focus on the most popular version, how to play Solitaire online.

Solitaire Game Rules – Setup

Solitaire Game Rules - Setup

Let’s start by explaining how to set up because you need to know how to play Solitaire before you play it at casino. First, you will shuffle a standard deck until you are satisfied. The second step is to create seven piles of playing cards. Starting from the left, you need to ensure that each pile has one more card than the pile before it.

If, for example, the max number of piles is 6 then you could have up to six cards in every pile since that first pile will always only ever be one card. Step three is to turn the cards so that all top facing up. And the rest of cards will be faced down.

After the tableau is put together, if there are any cards left they go to a stockpile. Ultimately, you will end up with four foundation piles on which to stack all the cards in the game.

The object of the game is to win by following a set amount of rules and moving all cards onto the four foundation piles.

How to play Solitaire

As we explained the Solitaire setup above, it is time to discuss the rules. The rules will provide you with simple ways to play and move cards so you can eventually move all the cards to the foundation piles.

Here are the rules you need to know:

  • When trying to move cards from the stock to the tableau or between tableau piles, one card can be placed on another if it follows descending order and belongs to the opposite color. For example, you can place a Queen of Hearts on a King of Spades.
  • The face-down card below a face-up card will be revealed after you successfully move the face-up card.
  • When moving cards to the foundation, they must be of the same suit and in ascending order. So, the first card will be an Ace, and the last card will be a King of the same suit.
  • The draw pile or stockpile can be used to draw cards if you cannot make a move without them. In classic Solitaire, only one card is drawn at a time.
  • The King is a special card because only a King can be placed in an empty tableau column.
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Strategy and Tips

Strategy and Tips

Now you know how to play Solitaire and can make a few moves. However, you cannot win by just making a few moves because Klondike has a very low success rate and requires the right strategy to win. Let us provide you with some tips that will bring you closer to victory.

  • The best advice is often very simple. If you have options, why not consider them before making a move? So, it is best to think and rethink before acting.
  • Thinking about going through the stockpile is natural, but it can be a mistake. First, you should arrange the cards in the tableau so that the cards from the stockpile can also be used to the fullest.
  • No move is final, and the cards can be moved from one position to another if you want to reach a specific card.
  • Creating an empty pile will allow you to place a King there and start building a sequence.
  • Please focus on the larger tableau columns as they have more cards and a better chance to create a sequence.

Advanced Solitaire Tactics Beyond the Rules

We are also sharing some advanced tactics so you can play Solitaire online like a true master of the game. Let us begin.

  • All suits are important, so try to create even sequences. If you focus too much on one suit, it may become impossible to complete the sequences of other suits.
  • If you do not see a King, do not rush to create an empty pile.
  • You can place an Ace on the foundation immediately as it can prevent you from accessing other cards below it.
  • Sometimes people move cards because they can be moved. However, you should only move a card if it can help you win the game.
  • Try to create sequences with only 2 suits in the tableau so you can easily coordinate and create complete sequences with both suits later.

The Beauty of Solitaire

The Beauty of Solitaire

The greater part of Solitaire games merits learning and playing The best place to begin is with the plain vanilla Solitaire game as outlined in this guide. We would be very surprised if you did not play a couple of games and become hooked by the exquisite puzzle each game offers.

You play solitaire alone so unlike other card games winning or losing is all down to your strategy and skill. You do not need to depend on luck or fight against other players. Nonetheless, you can challenge your performance in comparison to other games played earlier.

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Important Facts on Solitaire Game Rules

In other words, each game of Solitaire that you play doubles as a card game and a test both in patience. You have to watch the cards of waste pile, tableau and foundation. Solitaire task is still in front of you, it means that Winning Solitaire does not come easily but move to the goal if you want to do so.

Most humans would have a pretty hard time arranging them all in order from an entire deck given some generic guidelines. The truth that only a few Klondike Solitaire online games have been won by players points to this. Nevertheless, do not despair as what we have outlined above can move any remaining cards to the foundation and win.

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