The most common soccer betting terms you need to master

Soccer betting terms are the most basic things for newcomers to online sports betting. This term helps players understand all betting odds. Helps players win bets more easily.

Nowadays, there are many different soccer tournaments, so (the term soccer betting) is also more complicated. Below, at JILIMACAO, we will share the most common terms for new players to understand and bet most easily. Please follow along

These soccer betting terms players should know

These soccer betting terms players should know

So players always win bets in football matches. You need to understand how to play and most importantly. You need to understand these soccer betting terms. Understanding these terms will help players easily make the correct decision. Here are the terms players need to know:

soccer betting term English Premier League odds

The English Premier League is always a hot tournament, attracting the attention of many online bookmakers. The number of betting odds is also abundant and the forms are also gradually new. There are also more English terms, the following are the main terms

Handicap: This means a handicap between the house and the player

Odds: This is a word that means the exchange rate of bets, used for players to exchange prizes

Soi odds: This term means an odd number in a soccer betting match

Over/Under: This is a form of betting based on the high or low goal score, also known as over/under betting in soccer betting.

Win full: This is the term for this bet, if the player wins, he will receive the full bonus amount.

Lose Full: This is the term for this bet. If the player loses, he will lose all bets.

Wild Half: The player who wins the bet only receives half of the bet value (this bet is a handicap, and usually has a high win rate).

Lose Half: The loser only loses half the value of the bet to the house. (This is also a form of handicap)

Soccer betting term Asian Handicap

Soccer betting term Asian Handicap

These are English terms that are somewhat easier to understand than Premier League. Players need to understand clearly how to avoid betting on the wrong door.

Even ball betting: This is a form of betting on two equal teams, without handicap, the winner will win the full amount and the losing player will lose all the bet.

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Handicap 0.25: This is (soccer betting terminology) the handicap. The upper bet accepts the lower bet for a draw to win. The person betting on the upper bet will lose if the match is drawn and lost.

Handicap 0.5: This is also a type of handicap, handicapping 1 goal. This means that the person betting on the over will have to accept the under by 1 result. The goal score must be 1 goal difference.

Bet 1.25: This is the deepest handicap. The upper door will handicap the lower door by 2 goals. If you win by 2-0, the player will win, but if you win by 1-0 or less, you lose.

European handicap betting term

European handicap betting term

The terminology of basic European betting is also simple because it is relatively similar to Asian and Premier League. Here are some terms of this bet:

Symbol 1×2: This is the symbol marking European betting odds

Symbol 1: This symbol is to indicate betting on the home team to win

Symbol 2: This symbol is a bet on the away team winning.

Terminology of side bets

In addition to the 3 terms of European, Asian, and Premier League football betting. There are some other terms that players should refer to:

Handball bet: This is the term for the bet that the team has the right to serve the ball first (this bet usually has 2 bets in a football match).

Throw-in odds: This is a term that refers to betting on the team that gets the first throw-in

Corner kick odds: This is a bet that only bets on the team that takes the first corner kick.

Penalty bet: This is the term for penalty shootout betting.

Penalty card bet: This is a bet on which team gets more cards

Some notes on soccer betting

Memorizing these soccer betting terms and mastering the betting methods and odds will increase the player’s odds of winning greatly. In addition, when playing this sport, players need to note the following things:

Players should follow all the matches of the teams. From there, you can understand and perceive the player better. The performance of the players will greatly affect football matches

Players should carefully read the odds that the house offers, from there they will be able to choose the best bets to bet on.

New players should not bet arbitrarily, they should ask those who have played for a long time for more detailed advice and instructions.


Above is an article about the most common soccer betting terms that we often see. Through the article on bookmaker JILIMACAO, we hope you can better understand the forms of sports betting and You can find good odds to participate in betting. Wishing you good luck and enjoyable moments of gaming experience.

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