Golf Betting – Popular Types of Bets in Golf

Golf betting, while not as popular as football or basketball betting, offers a unique and exciting experience for those who wager on it. Today, most bookmakers offer golf in their sports sections, and JILIMACAO is one of the pioneers in bringing golf handicaps to its customers. So, what do you know about golf betting? Let’s dive into this article to learn more.

What is Golf Betting?

What is Golf Betting?

Golf bet is a form of wagering on professional golf tournaments. Before the match starts, players place bets on the odds provided by the bookmaker. If their predictions are correct, they win and receive payouts from the bookmaker.

Things to Know About Golf Betting

Things to Know About Golf Betting

Typically, a golf course has a maximum of 18 holes and a minimum of 9 holes. According to the rules, golfers must complete those 18 holes in 72 standard strokes. However, this rule will be adjusted depending on the regulations of the golf course. For example: 3 standard strokes with 4 holes; 3 standard strokes with 10 holes; 5 standard strokes with 4 holes.

In order to calculate points in golf handicap, the bookmaker’s system must rely on many different objective factors, as calculating points in strokes is considered the most complex thing.

To avoid unnecessary disadvantages, players should always seek thorough information about golfers, the course, as well as the rules of the game and the most appropriate odds. At the same time, always actively accumulate betting experience or tips from experts to improve your chances of winning when participating!

Understanding Common Bets in Golf Betting

Understanding Common Bets in Golf Betting

Before each match, the bookmaker will provide the odds of that match at the bookmaker’s table. In particular, there are some popular bets as follows:

Handicap Betting

The bookmaker will provide handicap odds, then, the player will bet on their favorite golfer based on that ratio. The result of this type of bet will be decided based on the total score of the upper golfers after the end of the match.

Tournament Winner Bet

This bet requires the player to bet on the player who wins all the matches in the tournament. If your bet matches the tournament results, you will win and be paid out at the corresponding odds. This type of bet is considered the longest bet because players have to wait until the tournament is completely over to know the bet results.

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Over/Under Betting

Similar to Over/Under betting in football, with golf, players will have to bet on the total score of both players to see if that score is Over or Under compared to the odds given by the house. This is the most popular and favorite type of bet among the existing bets.

Head-to-head betting for 2 golfers

For this type of bet, the player will bet on the golfer who will finish his match with a lower score. The bet result will be calculated depending on the head-to-head achievement of 2 players randomly paired in any match. If the golfer you bet on can finish his round with a lower score, you will win.


Although golf betting is not too popular with many people, with simple rules and high payout rates, JILIMACAO believes that this game will quickly become one of the most popular products at home. cái. Register for a betting account, experience golf handicap today. Good luck!

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