What is a penalty bet and how do you calculate the money?

Penalty betting is one of the common forms of soccer betting. So is this form of betting any different? Lodi646 Cassino will answer in this article.

What is a penalty bet?

On betting floors, bookmakers offer a variety of bets to entertain everyone. Among numerous types of odds, such as European, Asian, and over-under, penalty bets always stand out due to their exciting and unique gameplay. As you know, the penalty is the name of a free kick. Any team that commits a foul will be kicked by the opposing team from the 11-meter mark.

What is a penalty bet?

Penalty kicks always make football fans nervous. Especially in fierce competition matches. Because when kicking from the 11m mark, the rate of the ball entering the goal is very high. Therefore, the players on the field avoid violations as much as possible. Penalties directly affect the final score. That is also the reason why bettors like this bet.

For penalty bets, you will have to predict which team will receive the first penalty, which will receive the last penalty, expect the first and second half penalties, etc. Thus, it can be seen that penalty bets are very diverse and rich. After understanding this bet, you can start considering how the penalty bet is calculated.

Distinguish popular types of penalty bets.

Currently, on the house, a match can include many different bets. To avoid making the wrong bet, consider the differences between the bets, especially when there are 3-4 different types of bets in penalty bets.

Distinguish popular types of penalty bets.

Bet on penalties in a single round

Many bookmakers are offering penalty bets on just one round. When you access the bookmaker and choose a match, you will have to determine whether to bet on the first half or the second half. This means you will bet on which team will likely receive a penalty first in one half.

If no team receives a penalty in halftime, the player loses. Therefore, when betting on this bet, players need to take risks and even need luck.

Predict which team will be penalized first – last

This form of betting is for bettors who want to watch from the beginning to the end of the match. You will bet on which team will receive a penalty first and which will receive a penalty last. The first and last penalty teams are two different teams: Only if you choose the correct team can you win the bet.

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During the soccer match, only one team gets a penalty: If you bet correctly on whether this team will be the first or last, you will receive a reward.
If you choose the team that has no penalties, you lose all your previous bets.

How are penalty bets calculated?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, calculating the penalty bet is not too difficult, and there is a formula to calculate the money for you. Some bookmakers have almost already calculated it for you; you must wait for the funds to return when you win. However, it is entirely possible if you want to know the bonus in advance to balance your spending.

Odds rate

The penalty bet’s calculation depends on the odds. For those who don’t know, the odds are the payout rate that the house gives before each match. Betting experts carefully analyze, consider, and calculate this rate.

For example, the first-half penalty bet between Vietnam and Cambodia. The house will give 2 main numbers, the 2 corresponding rates of Vietnam and Cambodia bets. In the scoreboard, you will see below the Vietnamese team is number 1.3, and the Cambodian team is number 2.2. So the payout ratio if you bet on Vietnam to win is 1.3, similar to the other team.

Penalty bet example

We will give a specific example to help you better understand how to calculate penalty bets. First is the bonus calculation formula. Bonus = odds x the initial bet amount. Just apply this formula, and you will get it.


Reading the above article, you now know how to calculate the penalty bet clearly. All your questions about penalty bets or other types of bets will be answered here. Follow the sports section to get more news every day.

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